St. Saviourís Choir

For as long as can be remembered, there has been a choir at St. Saviours. We sing a variety of church music and traditional hymns to complement the Sunday services, but also modern songs which are mostly sung at family services.

Special music is chosen for special occasions and the great festivals of the Church, such as Easter and Christmas. Occasionally we sing as an amalgamated choir with a neighbouring parish to celebrate their Patronal festival, which gives us an opportunity to sing Festal Evensong from the Book of Common Prayer.

For several years the choir has sung Christmas carols in a local shopping centre on a Saturday morning before Christmas for the sheer joy of it and as part of the parish outreach programme.

The choir is small but keen, and aims to provide music of a standard worthy of the worship of God.

The Sanctuary Guild

A group of women who volunteer to prepare the church and chapel each week for services, and who create beautiful flower arrangements Ė largely from flowers which they grow especially for the church in their gardens.

Their work contributes to the Ďspecialí atmosphere of the church, and reminds us of Godís marvellous creation.

MU Australia

Sharing Christ's love by encouraging, strengthening, and supporting marriage and family life.

MU was begun in England in 1876 by Mary Sumner, and is now an international organisation.

Our local branch meets at St. Saviourís on the last Wednesday of each month at 1.45 p.m. (except January and December).

We have a prayer service and invite a guest speaker to address the group.

The Banner group

Provides a colourful background theme for our worship







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