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The Church and Hospitality

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St Saviours's Parish puts Election Day to good use!

Images of the St Saviour's Easter Day breakfast

The Week Ahead

Mon 16   No service
        10.30am Craft Morning

Tue 17   No Service
Wed 18 
 10.30am Eucharist (APBA 2)

Thu 19   
7.30am Eucharist (APBA 2)
         7.30pm Choir Practice

Fri 20   No service

Sat 21   No service
         9.00am Maintenance Group

         8.00am Holy Communion (BCP)
        10.00am Sung Eucharist (APBA 2)

Dates to Remember

ABM Lamington Drive
Please support the ABM lamington drive. Just add your name to the list in the Narthex to place an order by 27 July. $14 for 24 mini lamingtons or $12 for 12 regular size.

Burnside Inter-Church quiz night
Friday 27 July, 7pm for 7.30 start. Tickets are $20 each. Please add your name to the list in the Narthex if you would like to make a table.

Photos for Church Calendar

If you are a keen photographer and have taken a great photo of the Church grounds or of parishioners at a Friendship lunch or church event etc, then please email your high resolution photo to the office. Please note that any photos of people will need their permission to be included in the calendar.

2 November - Sri Lankan Dinner
We are really keen this year that Shanka has plenty of support as he prepares for this excellent event in the week prior. If you can help in any way, please contact Shanka or speak to Father Dave.

Safer Ministry Training
There are a number of courses available in the surrounding churches and are well run. Once you have completed the course you will be qualified for three years. See Diocesan website for further details and to register your attendance at one of the churches:

Ensuring Safer Church Communities (ESCC)
ESCC is an in-house program that outlines the way by which we can ensure our church communities create and provide safe environments in every way – socially, relationally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Child Safe Environments (CSE)
The one day seminar outlines the legislative requirements for clergy, paid and voluntary workers in the Anglican Church to report child abuse as “mandated notifiers”.
(Details in Sunday Pew Sheets) .

Read our Church Magazine "The Glen Osmond Anglican"

Information for the community
Seminars at St Saviour's

Free public seminars organised by
St Saviour's Anglican Church, Glen Osmond,
assisted by funding from Burnside Council Community Grants Program.

Further Seminar dates and topics will be advertised on this page

The Altar Cross at St. Saviour's About the Cross

Who is St Saviour?

Our Church Pipe Organ
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  How to get to
St Saviour’s

Saint Saviour's sits at the "gateway to Adelaide", at the point where the main road from the east enters the metropolitan area.

In the "City of Churches" it is the first church that is encountered by travellers from the east; and it is the last church before those travelling to the east leave the city.


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Spiritual Presence
A book commemorating 150 years of Christian service
in the Glen Osmond Parish - order from the Parish Office

The Altar Cross at St Saviour's

In the Church of the Holy Saviour we are in the presence of the Cross which was crafted by Peter Moritz of Adelaide in the mid-1980’s. It has main elements of polished wood enclosing suspended glass tiles.

This Cross is hanging high in the large Sanctuary providing a focus for our attention. This hanging Cross overlooks what we do in worship and life.

This raised Cross is a victory cross. We look upwards to the shining presence of the tiles and colours going from earth, sea to sky. It is an open Cross, open-ended, top and bottom. The love of Jesus Christ is open and available to all people, flowing out of the cross, Jesus dying for us, ‘ love so amazing, so divine’, alongside others in their modern crucifixions.

Then there are the shadows of the other crosses. Sometimes, with the church lights on we can see the shadows of three crosses as in the crucifixion of Jesus. They crucified him with two others, one on either side of him; Jesus between them as the central focus.

(St John’s Gospel 19:18)
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On the 4th of June we celebrated Pentecost Sunday. The story of the emergence of the early church in the Acts of the Apostles highlights that one of the marks of the early church was its practice of hospitality. They broke bread together in their homes...' We have understood that in obeying Jesus' instructions to remember him with the communion meal, this is almost certainly what was going on there. However, some of the sense of what that looked like has been lost over the years.

It is so important to remember that the earliest communion meals were actually meals. There was delicious flat bread, often dipped in herbs and oils, perhaps a portion of roast lamb, good wine that was shared - if it was done properly, no-one went away from the table hungry. The early disciples used to gather up the left-overs and distribute them to the needy.

Here at St Saviour's, just from what I have seen, I think we are reviving this tradition of hospitality at Church. Just for one example of this last week, our regular 'Friendship Lunch' was very well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by many, including me. Our sense of fun and fellowship is well known in the diocese. It is through this that many feel connected and rather confident in inviting others who might enjoy this same sense of connection and belonging.

Someone once said to me that people in our wider society may need to 'belong' to the Church for some time before they come to 'believe' the claims of Christianity. This is evangelism through offering a very natural and beneficial thing: companionship, friendship and fun! At St Saviours – deliberate hospitality is a real strength that we have, and something the wider community desperately needs!

Rev David McDougall
11 June 2017

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