Help needed?

GO oureach! is ready to lend a hand!

Reaching out to help people is very important to our community. We have a small group of Outreach members who organise opportunities in which church members of all ages can participate.

The GO oureach! group is very lively and we have fun working together to assist all sorts of people. 

We encourage people who are creative to make the most of their talents: there are ‘crafty’ people who make beautiful rugs for bringing comfort to patients in wheel-chairs and homeless youth. Our clever cooks make marvellous ‘home-made’ and ‘home-grown’ goodies to sell, and raise money to provide high school chaplains. Cooks also assist Anglicare in the city by preparing delicious meals for hundreds of homeless people.

We use our fund-raising and food-raising talents to help to bring blankets, beanies and food to homeless people, and we assist overseas aid organisations to bring healing and justice in emergencies and in everyday circumstances.

GO oureach! has also given church members the opportunity to help refugees arriving in Australia after terrible hardship in refugee camps overseas. We have helped nine families, and learned a lot from them in terms of perseverance, faith and keeping a sense of commitment to each other – and a sense of humour – in extreme circumstances. We have enjoyed picnics, parties and music with them, and are pleased to welcome them as new members of the Australian ‘family’.  Let us know if you have any furniture for people setting up a new home.

We have worked alongside local Catholic and Uniting Churches to help families and young people in our area. This year we produced a 'fridge poster' called "Help is just a 'phone call away" to link local people who need support to the organisations who are there to help them. Let us know if you would like a copy. It is good to be able to work together with the other churches.

We’ve also joined with Aboriginal men and women to learn about their culture and to assist in practical ways where we can.

Let us know if you can help us – to help!

As well as the GO oureach! Group itself, other groups are also involved in reaching out – the Pastoral Care group visits people in the parish, the Choir brings Christmas Cheer to shoppers at Burnside, the Mothers Union prays for families and the Catering group provides refreshments after funerals.

Cooks reaching out to the homeless in Adelaide
with a Saturday night dinner


Hand-knitted, comforting rugs
Hand-knitted, comforting rugs 


The Choir singing at Burnside
The Choir singing Carols at Burnside

Phone 8379 4114 for callers in Adelaide or the Adelaide Hills
or email